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Financial firms are prime targets for cybercriminals seeking to maximize revenue from their attacks. Our cybersecurity team and services provide specialized protection for your critical data and infrastructure.

Cloud & Network Security

Protect your assets from attacks while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Leverage our comprehensive security tools driven by AI technology, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention.

Compliance & Data Security

Option One is a leading provider of encryption, access control, and activity monitoring services for financial firms, helping you ensure compliance with special attention to industry regulations.

Penetration Testing

We understand how hackers target financial firms, helping you identify vulnerabilities before attackers do. Our team uncovers your specific needs and tailors a testing plan for your digital assets.

Security Awareness & Training

Our online and custom-developed training options ensure all your employees are familiar with critical cybersecurity. Engage and empower employees so they can play a role in protecting your organization.

Best-in-Class Security for Finance

Discover how our experts meet the unique needs of your industry, and your firm.